Research topics and projects

Our research group has a keen interest in all aspects of image and video processing. We would like to continue the close collaboration that we have now with the other image processing groups at Ghent University and abroad. We are always willing to guide outsiders (e.g., industrial representatives) into the domain of image processing or to help them solve problems related to image processing (e.g., by defining graduate thesis work, or by joint project applications, or through consulting).

Our topics can be divided in four categories:

  • Digital image processing on art work

    This work covers research of techniques to process digitized artwork images, like the Ghent Altarpiece (aka Adoration of the Mystic Lamb). Techniques include digital restoration of cracks in the painting and analysis of painted pearls.

  • Medical image processing

    This covers our work on medical images, including but not limited to: MRI reconstruction through compressive sensing, denoising, segmentation and analysis of medical images, ...
  • General image/video analysis

    This covers our work on analysis of non-medical images and video sequences, including but not limited to: combining information in camera networks, traffic video analysis, analysis and classification of remote sensing images, analysis of images to study deformations of materials, ...
  • General image/video restoration

    This covers our work on restoration of non-medical images and video sequences, including but not limited to: denoising depth images from time-of-flight cameras, superresolution, interpolation, demosaicing, error concealment, denoising of general images, ...