You can use VOIP in linux to phone home.

This is interesting for people coming from abroad who can use one of the Betamax VOIP products like voipcheap, voipbuster, poivy, … to call home can use the Ekiga softphone in Linux (you can find it in the menu Internet. Just create an account and fill in the following settings:

Name: {VOIPaccountname}
Registrar: sip.{VOIPcompany}.com
User: {VOIPaccountname}
Authentication User: {VOIPaccountname}
Password: {VOIPpassword}

It should give the status Registered when your login was succesfull.

In Preferences check the audio devices and set them to Default (PTLIB/ALSA) and connect your headset to your Linux computer. Now you can type the telephonenumber in the sip: field with the + prefix and landcode , e.g. China +86…, you can also test it with the telephone in our lab +3292648906.

If you want to compare rates, check this website: , you can easily find a cheap way to phone home!