Arnaud Devos


Hi! I'm Arnaud (pronounced "are-no"), a postdoctoral researcher working in applied probability at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University. I am a member of the research group Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Communication Systems (SMACS).

In may 2022, I completed my PhD in Mathematical Engineering at Ghent University, where I was supervised by Herwig Bruneel, Joris Walraevens and Dieter Fiems. An electronic version of my dissertation can be found here.

My research area is queueing theory and stochastic modeling, with a particular focus on multi-dimensional queueing processes, Markov processes, and reflected random walks. During my PhD research, I dedicated myself to the study of two-dimensional queueing processes. My objective is to develop a comprehensive analytical framework for the analysis of multi-dimensional Markovian models, with a focus on their stationary distribution and stability.

If you are a student interested in doing a master's thesis on topics such as queueing theory, feel free to contact me via my institutional email account at
Arnaud dot Devos at ugent dot be
I love to share my passion for queueing theory and would be happy to discuss any related topics with you.