Estimation of the local dominant edge orientation using the Dual-Tree Complex wavelet transform

Your browser is not Java enabled. Instead you can download and unzip the software and execute the applets locally through the provided batch scripts: click here. Note that this still requires a local Java installation.


From the output of the Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform, the local dominant edge orientation can be computed, based on the same principles as in Freeman & Adelson [4]. A brief discussion on this topic for the Steerable Pyramid transform can also be found here. Depending on the selected color map, each color (or gray shade) corresponds to an orientation angle.

The input image can either be an internally preloaded image (the classical zone plate image, Shepp-Logan phantom, circle) or loaded from a file. Please be aware that this last feature does not work in the webbrowser due to security restrictions as hard disk access is required. On the left side, you can select:

On the right side, you can choose the number of scales of the transform and what you want to display: the real parts, the imaginary parts or the magnitudes of the complex coefficients.