Koen De Turck


I'm an associate professor at the TELIN department (EA07) ('Telecommunications and information processing') of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University since October 2021. From 2015 to 2021, I was an associate professor (MCF) at the Telecommunications Department of CentraleSupélec and a researcher at the Laboratoire des Signaux et Systèmes, Gif-sur-Yvette.


My research interests include stochastic modelling of telecommunication systems, queueing theory, scaling methods, and asymptotic analysis. These techniques are applied to a number of domains, notably including wireless networks, and in particular, energy efficiency and bandwidth reutilization. I'm also interested in random graph theory, stochastic learning and designing efficient simulation algorithms.


I'm the (co-)lecturer of the following courses:

I'm also in charge of the tutorial sessions of:


Interested students with a strong background and interest in probability wanting to do a master thesis, an internship or a PhD are invited to contact me.


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My office is on the second floor of the T3 building (it has office ID: For directions as to how to reach our building, see here.