Wormhole - file transfer


There is an interesting file transfer website https://wormhole.app. You don’t have to install anything or sign up for anything. Here is how it works. image

Files smaller then 5GB’s

When you upload files smaller then 5GB’s, they are first encrypted and then send to the wormhole.app servers. You will see a link that you can send to the receiver.

Files up to 10 GB’s

When you upload files between 5-10GB, they are first encrypted and stay in your browser storage. You send the link and the transfer will happen peer-to-peer from you to your recipient directly and very fast. Once the file transfer is completed, you can delete them so they get deleted from your browser storage. Click the Preview files button, and select delete image image

You can use this to transfer files between your mobile and your computer as well. Use the QR code!