This tool is only accessible from the Telin LAN or wireguard VPN.

Personnel info

It’s now possible to change the following personnel info from yourself:

  • Title
  • Homepage
  • Telephone
  • Office
  • Photo


Step 1

A login is presented. Use your username and password from Telin.

Step 2

If you had some previous info, it will be filled in, so you don’t have to retype it.

  • title: fill in your specific study level, eg. M.Sc., ir., dr., lic., …
  • homepage: this can be your personal webpage, a link to your department, or a Telin page if you have one
  • telephone: this is the telephone where you can be reached, the telephone country code for Belgium is +32
  • office: your office number as seen on the door

You can erase all info, if you don’t want any info listed on the departments webpage and on your research departments’ page.

Step 3

Here you can upload a picture of yourself. Take a picture from yourself in portrait mode. It will be automatically scaled to 160 pixels horizontal.


The distribution to the departments website is immediate, but it could be you have to refresh the page to clear the browser cache: type the keyboard combination CTRL+SHIFT+R in your browser. The distribution to your research department website is scheduled at regular intervals. So, there will be some delay for the update.

Please fill in the info as accurate as possible. If you put false information, your colleagues will certainly notice, your info will be wiped and you will be banned from the tool.