Recover Files

Our home and research fileservers use [ZFS]( to store the data.

28 snapshots iare enabled to be taken at 8, 12, 16 and 20 o’clock for 7 days

To access these snapshots in Linux, goto Location in Computer and fill in URL as: sftp://{groupfs}/research/.zfs/snapshot/ . You will find snapshot names labeled with auto-{year}{month}{day}-{hour}{minutes}{seconds}: eg. auto-20140903-160000 taken at 2014 September 3th @ 16h. Just click on the snapshot and you can see your username listed, where you can find the backup.

{groupfs} is the name of the fileserver from your research group e.g. ddcmfs,digcomfs,gaimfs,ipifs and smacsfs.

If you need older backups, you can goto our backup server. The URLs are sftp://backup/{groupfs}/research/.zfs/snapshot and sftp://ipi-backup/research/.zfs/snapshot for the IPI group.