Recover Files

Our home and research fileservers use ZFS to store the data.

Snapshots iare enabled to be taken at 8, 12, 16 and 20 o’clock

To access these snapshots in Linux, goto Location in Computer and fill in URL as: sftp://{groupfs}//research/.zfs/snapshot/ . You will find snapshot names labeled with auto-{year}{month}{day}-{hour}{minutes}{seconds}: eg. auto-20140903-160000 taken at 2014 September 3th @ 16h. Just click on the snapshot and you can see your username listed, where you can find the backup.

{groupfs} is the name of the fileserver from your research group e.g. ddcmfs,digcomfs,gaimfs,ipifs and smacsfs.

There is an automatic cleanup running for older snapshots, after 7 days only 1 a day is kept and after 14 days only 1 a week.