The printer type is an MP C307SP (aka Ricoh IM C300) , drivers for windows and MacOS can be found here:

Open your browser

Open this URL http://localhost:631/admin. An authentication dialog will ask your workstation login and password when you want to add a printer.

Click the Add Printer button. image

Adding the Ricoh printer from the first floor

Type in the connection lpd://

Click the Continue button. image

In the next pane fill in the Name, Description and Location e.g. Richoh-MP-C307, Richoh MP C307, floor 1 respectively.

Click the Continue button. image

Download the Provide a PPD file here: and select Browse…. Find the downloaded ppd file and select it.

Click the Add Printer button. image


Now you can set the Printer Options. image

If you want to return to the Printer Options, select Printers, the Ricoh printer, Maintenance, Admininstration, Set Default Options. image

Select Tray 2 and 3, Installed and Postscript Emulation.

Click Set Default Options. image

In the General menu, select A4 paper. Next click the Set Default Options button. image

Setting your username and password

Select Authentication, as User Name select Custom Input and fill in your UGent username appended with and leave the password Blank. Select Set Default Options. image

That’s it. You are ready to print!


If you print, you will need your employee card. Hold it on the wireless contact strip and select in the menu of the printer Secure print. You should be able to find your print job in the queue and you can tap ok to print.

If you do not see the printer when you want to print from the browser, convert it to PDF with Print to PDF and then print from the PDF viewer!

You can right-click the newly installed printer in the Printers App and select it as default.