VSC Account

HPC Infrastructure

The UGent researchers have access to the following infrastructure: https://www.ugent.be/hpc/en/infrastructure.

At this moment there are 2 clusters with GPU computing: joltik and accelgor. A complete guide to the HPC can be found here https://docs.hpc.ugent.be/Linux/linux-tutorial/

Create your HPC account

Goto https://account.vscentrum.be/ and upload your RSA key (it should be in ~/.ssh). See SSH key if you have no ssh RSA key.

Wait until you get a confirmation e-mail. (more info @ https://www.ugent.be/hpc/en/access/policy/access)

Check if you can login into the HPC

Use the ssh command from your terminal to log into the head node:

ssh {vsc_account_number}@login.hpc.ugent.be

replace the {vsc_account_number} you have been appointed eg. vsc40678@login.hpc.ugent.be.

Type exit to end the HPC ssh command line session


You can check your quota on the account page https://account.vscentrum.be/. If you are not careful, you will quickly fill up your home account, it’s only 3GB! However you have 2x 25GB in the $VSC_DATA and $VSC_SCRATCH folders. Login into the HPC and make them available with links:

ln -s $VSC_DATA data
ln -s $VSC_SCRATCH scratch 

It’s also a good idea if you move the .cache folder to you scratch folder now:

mkdir .cache 2>/dev/null
mv .cache scratch
ln -s scratch/.cache

Transfer files

You can easily use sftp to transfer files to and from the HPC cluster.

From your computer to the HPC scratch folder:

sftp {vsc_account_number}@login.hpc.ugent.be
cd scratch
put {file_from_your_computer}

From the HPC data folder to your computer:

sftp {vsc_account_number}@login.hpc.ugent.be
cd data
get {file_from_hpc}