mount to a folder


You can use rclone to mount your UGent Ondrive to a folder. Make sure you have the rclone package, in the Terminal type:

sudo apt install -y rclone

check this URL: This is what you do:

$ rclone config
n -> New remote
myonedrive -> name
22 -> Microsoft OneDrive
ENTER -> client_id
ENTER -> client_secret
n -> Edit advanced config
y -> auto config
1 -> OneDrive Personal or Business
0 -> 0: OneDrive (business...
y -> okay?
y -> Yes this is OK


Try to list your psychedelic directories:

rclone lsd myonedrive:

or recursively all files:

rclone ls myonedrive:


mkdir ~/onedrive
rclone --vfs-cache-mode writes mount myonedrive: ~/onedrive

The mount will be active until you interrupt it with ^C.

Now you can open your file browser and browse your ~/onedrive folder.


The speed is very good, I measured: read speed 28.8 MB/s, write speed: 47.4 MB/s !


If you delete files and folder, they will be transferred to the Onedrive Recycle bin, but you cannot see them in the mount. Goto this URL to empty your recycle bin. df -h shows the correct result!