FWO DMP Template

This is info is preliminary and is subjected to changes!

This information can be used to help you fill in the FWO DMP Template.

The FWO asks a Data Management Plan (DMP) for each application. You can review the documentation at https://www.fwo.be/en/the-fwo/organisation/data-management-plan/ and the document to fill in is FWO-DMP-Template. To help you fill in the document you can use these answers.

Data storage & backup during the FWO project

Where will the data be stored?

The data will be stored on the fileservers of TELIN department.

How will the data be backed up?

The data is backupped by our system adminstrators in an automated way at frequent intervals.

Is there currently sufficient storage & backup capacity during the project? If yes, specify concisely. If no or insufficient storage or backup capacities are available, then explain how this will be taken care of.

if no -> ask your promotor to plan in investment for the department.

What are the expected costs for data storage and backup during the project? How will these costs be covered?

None, the department takes care.

Data security: how will you ensure that the data are securely stored and not accessed or modified by unauthorized persons?

All backups are in three fold. We have the original on the server with read-only snapshotting, a regularly intervalled backup on a second fileserver and a third regularly intervalled backup on a server located in the DICT S9 datacenter. As all snapshots as read-only, they cannot be tampered with. The third backup is isolated and only accessible by the system administrators.

Where will these data be archived (= stored for the long term)?

All data is stored on the fileservers of the TELIN department.

What are the expected costs for data preservation during these 5 years? How will the costs be covered?

The costs to store 1 TB for 5 years is at the current price 275 euro (without electricity costs). These are handled by the TELIN department. The electricity costs are handled by the Ghent University.

A 10 TB disk is avg. 380 €, we need 10 disks in raid-z2 redunancy which can hold 66.8 TiB of true storage. 1 server without disks is avg. to 2330 €. We need 3 servers and 30 disks for the backup system and we estimate a 5 year life expectation. We calculate the cost (380 x 30 + 2330 x 3) / 66.8 / 5 = 55.06 € for 1 TB and 1 year. If we extend the system with another 30 disks, the cost deminishes to (380 x 60 + 2330 x 3) / 133.6 / 5 = 45 € per TB per year.

What are the expected costs for data sharing? How will these costs be covered?

The data can be made shared at no extra cost.

Who will be responsible for data storage & back up during the project?

Our local system administrators are Davy Moreels and Philippe Serbruyns.