Phising Mails

A lot of people get e-mails about resetting password, re-validating mailboxes, expired accounts, disk quota exceedings, … from unknown people.

Please be very carefull about these phising activities, always check the e-mail headers against the senders addresses. Don’t ever click or reply these e-mails. These are really thiefs and crooks out there to steel your money, or identity or even trash your computer!

If you get these kind of e-mails, ignore them totally or you can send them to the DICT to help to prevent other from replying or clicking: make an exception this time and click here!!! (haha).

If you DO click on them, you are digging your own grave, and this could seriously give a security breach to our TELIN network or you could introduce malware to fellow workers. So, if you’re not sure come and ask us before clicking or replying…

Do NOT respond to these kind of phising mails!!! You can see the “KLIK HIER” is not from the UGent if you hover over it.


  1. phisers want to frighten you
  2. you always have to click on some (malware) link
  3. it is written in badly translated dutch
  4. the full email header shows clearly it was not send from the UGent account
  5. you can even lookup the person in the telephonebook: it’s a former employee, he doesn’t even has an account on DICT and he supposed to delete your account…

So, always be suspisious for this kind of unusual e-mails.

If you want to reset your password read Good Passwords section.